1. 6 November, 2009
    My SHS
  3. 2 October, 2009

    Which kind of writing do you prefer?

    I prefer the inverted pyramid style of writing because it gets to the point it is fast to access it is easy to read. The most important information is at the top and the least important is at the bottom and could get cut off. Many people use the inverted pyramid including news reporters to get the information out and fast and easy

  5. 4 September, 2009

    Lori Drew v. United States (2008)

    Lori Drew was a mom she made a fake account on myspace pretending to be Josh. She sent messages to Megan Meier a 13 year old girl. Lori harassed Megan to the point that she hung herself. Lori Drew was charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing a computer without authorization and via interstate commerce to obtain information to inflict emotional distress. I think that Lori did wrong in creating a fake account to get information about Megan. I think that Megan should of told her parents when she got the messages about the world being a better place without her.

  7. 24 August, 2009

    Why are blogs a good/bad why to get information

    Blogs are a good why to get information because you can get it fast and easy. A lot of people get information from the internet and blogs. If you think the information is wrong then you can check someone else blog to see what the wrote and see if it matches the others blog that you have read.

    Blogs are a bad way to get information because some people that are writing the blogs might not know the information right or they will type if wrong. If you get the information wrong then you could tell other people the wrong information. If you think the others peoples blog are wrong then you can comment on them and tell them your thoughts.